Take your Test Strategy to the Next Level (Presentation Slides)

At the Women in Tech Summit Southeast in Raleigh, I talked about my approach of developing effective, reliable, efficient tests. Basically, test smarter not harder.

Here’s the overview:

A reminder that we all bring different experiences to our work together.

Need to make a test? Need to do anything well? Get some context.

Figure out how you’ll measure your results. This means understanding how you know the problem you’re testing is fixed, how you understand your own constraints in testing, and how you know your tests are good.

Can you find a way to solve this problem without writing automation? Here are other ideas…

…because automation is expensive.

Don’t forget the stakes of writing reliable tests. Also some notes from during the presentation about novel test types.

Ways to write the most efficient tests.

Tell Them When They're Right Does It Have To Be a Test?
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